– sleep tight surrounded by your bed time stories

The usual chaos in the kids’ room can be overcome by the Bücherbett – a bed with integrated shelves that, apart from sweet dreams, provides storage room for your favorite bedtime stories. The bed can be easily assembled by using only a few screws. It was first presented in an exhibition showing design for kids during the MONTH OF DESIGN in Graz 2013 and at the DMY BERLIN in June 2013.

Dimensions: 180 x 110 x 38 cm  (madress 140 x 70 cm)
Materials: plywood, screws, styrofoam, fabric

Different sizes or colors on demand, grown-up version starting from 990 €, double bed 1190 € just contact me for a talk!



Inspired by straws and accordeons  – and their common ability to change their original form without breaking – this furniture wants to follow the advantage of moving in every possible direction. Like a caterpillar one can easily change the modulor and interactive piece into all sorts of positions. Whatever is needed: a chair, a bench, a day bed for comfortable regeneration time. The furniture was developed during a competition, earned 3rd price and was shown at the Copenhagen City Hall.

Dimensions: depending on the position, as a lounge chair: 70 x 55 x 120 cm
Materials: Textile, foam, rope, climbing tools
Small series available – Price on application



Who would guess a fragile spiders’ web is still perfectly in shape after a heavy rain shower? Observing its surprisingly inner strength, bionic-research-methods were used to translate natures construction advantages into an airy-appearing yet strong chair. By experimenting with the innovative material heat shrinking tube – which is usually used to isolate electric cables –  the idea for the spider chair was born.

Dimensions: 90 x 100 x 80 cm, seat height: 37 cm
Materials: Tubular steel, styrofoam balls, heat shrinking tube, elastic rope
Prototype, 2009



Everything started out with a bottle of excellent red wine. The beautiful light-reflecting characteristics of now commonly used glass corks were intriguing and rapidly a question came up. Wouldn’t it be great to use the shimmering and shiny effect for a bar lamp? Suiting the action to the word an “upcycled” lamp module was built. Using a sinus curve one piece can be easily attached to another. It now suits every particular bar situation.

Dimensions of the lighting body: 100 x 50 x 7 cm
Materials: aluminium sheets, steel cable, 100 LED´s (SMD-Modules), 300 glass corks, acrylic glass
Prototype, 2008


WINE LAMP – table lamp versions

you can get the lamps from 26th september – christmas 2013 at NEUBAU – AWESOME TEMPORARY DESIGN SHOP


Materials: aluminium tube, glass corks, cable, bulb
Small series available, customized versions possible, just contact me.

crooked version – small 25 cm, diameter 13 cm (geknickt, klein) = 129 €
straight version – big 33 cm, diameter 13 cm (gerade, groß) = 159 €

hanging lamps – small 25 cm, diameter 10 cm (Hängelampe) = 119 €

other sizes possible (verschiedene Sonderanfertigungen auf Anfrage)!



The aim was to create an optical illusion, the outcome: one can use it as a furniture even though it doesn`t appear like one. A playful investigation of materials lead the way to combine stiff components hidden under a soft skin. The user asks himself: “What can it possibly be? A chaotic sketch, a repressed sculpture or even a working chair?

Dimensions: 38 x 32 x 70 cm
Materials: Tubular steel, styrofoam tube, heat shrinking tube
Prototype, 2009



Being a waiter is a hard job. Especially when the night comes down and everyone is ready to leave. A waiter still has to do all the clearance. This table was designed to make the job easier. Instead of having to carry around heavy tables one just has to lift them a little and shuffle them together. Table top and framework can be produced independently. The wooden top gets attached to the framework and makes it strong and resitant. Another advance of the Slim Table is its powder-coated construction and the oiled larch wood table top which makes it waterproof.

Dimensions: 80 x 65 x 72 cm
Materials: oiled larch wood, powder coated tubular steel, screws
Prototype, 2010



Remember when you used to burst bubble wrap? Maybe you still have the impulse – even as a grown-up! Inspired by this well-known childhood memory bubbles were supersized and translated into an upholstered blanket. A long development time was needed to receive the optimal sitting comfort. The outcome of this survey is a module-series to be used on the floor or uncomfortable benches/chairs. The artificial leather surface saves the blanket from dirt and humidity.

Dimensions per module: 60 x 60 x 3 cm
Materials: foam, fabric, artificial leather
Prototype, 2011